The Cards

Beer Tasting Cards

To complete the gift package, each beer is matched to an individual tasting card. The tasting cards contain more details on the beer, including details on the brewery, the bitterness and colour (in some cases estimated by our judging panel), and ingredients see below for key. Collect as many as possible for a game of “beer” trumps!


Ingredient Icon Key

Each beer contains the four key ingredients which make up beer: Water, Malted Barley, Hops and Yeast. The other ingredients are used to create more diverse flavours and styles, each beer card has a full list of icons relating the ingredients of the beer (also indicated on the can, with allergens shown in Bold). Note, the Coffee beans, Chocolate and lactose sugar are only in the Northern Monk – Northern Star (Mocha Porter).


Water Water Barley Barley Hops Hops Yeast Yeast
Wheat Wheat Rice Rice Oats Oats
Coffee beans Coffee beans Chocolate Chocolate Lactose Sugar Lactose Sugar



Beer Judging Card

As a bit of fun, use this card to evaluate your beers. The front has three different parts:

  1. At the top is an indication on bitterness (measured in International Bitterness units, IBU) the scale here uses some common beer types as a reference. Match this number to the individual number on the beer card to see if you agree.
  2. In the centre of this card is a taste profile wheel. Each flavour profile is marked from 1 to 5, these profiles can help you think more about the beer you are drinking. This type of evaluation is carried out by breweries to make sure that each time they brew a beer, its taste profile is the same as the previous batch.
  3. Finally at the bottom is the colour chart, this is an approximation of the European Brewery Convention (EBC) colour scale. Using a clear glass, put the card next to your drink and match the colour.

At the back is a judging form, similar to ones used by official judging panels. Mark the beer from 1 to 5 (5 best) against appearance, aroma, flavour, and after taste. Rate the beers partially according to style, but more on how you feel and if you like them.


Judging CardSM